Luke Foley

Lukr is one of Nashville's most talked about up and coming artists. Already a successful writer, Lukr garnered several sync placements with his songs in TV Shows and Commercials including and Australian VW Passat Campaign, T-Mobile Campaign, MTV's "Finding Carter" Season 2 Ep 18, CITGO's "Fueling Good" national advertising campaign, CW’s The Heart Of Dixie, and a Mizuno ad campign to name a few. He also has cuts with Cappa, Nawas, and Maggie Chapman. In summer of 2016, Lukr self released his debut single "Fucked Up Summer" which has now become a viral hit, earning well over 1.2 million streams. His follow up single, "Scarecrow" was released mid August and earned 250,000 streams it's first week. Lukr's latest single, "Big Kids", was released early summer 2018, and is available everywhere!