Kolby Cooper

Kolby Cooper, born and raised in Palestine, TX, grew up riding shotgun in his dad’s cow truck, which is where he first discovered the artists that would come to be his biggest musical influences (Waylon Jennings, Chris Ledoux, Cross Canadian Ragweed and a few others). Kolby Cooper finished writing a song called “Fall” on a bus after his high school basketball game. Three short years later––but only one year after debuting the song on streaming platforms––“Fall” is a bona fide smash, with a staggering 7 million Spotify streams and counting. And that’s far from Cooper’s most-played track: “It Ain’t Me” has over 12 million Spotify streams, while “Every Single Kiss”––another song Cooper penned in high school at just 15-years-old––has topped 7 million. Cooper released his highly anticipated EP Vol. 2 in summer 2020, featuring playlist favorites "If I Still Had It" and "One Night Stand". Cooper is busy working on music for his next release.